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Important Things to Consider When Remodeling or Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Monday, August 25th 2014. | Kitchen Remodel

From a secluded area to prepare your meals to just a simple place where you enjoy your breakfast, your dream kitchen can be a number of more fantastic things depending on the design you choose to incorporate into it. There are important factors to be considered if your dream kitchen is to give appearance, comfort and most importantly, the safety you need. Taking into consideration these are the factors that will determine the difference between a dream kitchen and the soup kitchen down the road, and this is certainly not what you want. When you evaluate your kitchen design, the following must be borne in mind to ensure you have a magnificent kitchen.

kitchen Important Things to Consider When Remodeling or Designing Your Dream Kitchen

The budget

How much money do you have for the designing of your kitchen? You should always remember that your dream kitchen appliances and design materials are not the cheapest and when planning, it will be necessary to have a target budget. You will want a remodeling process that will fit perfectly within your dream kitchen budget. If you do not have the finances available, it will best to postpone designing your kitchen, until such time you have saved enough to undertake the process of remodeling of your dream kitchen.

DIY or professional design?

Undertaking the modeling and designing of your dream kitchen singlehandedly will certainly save you a lot of money, and incorporating your personal touch into your kitchen. You will save on remodeling costs, but DIYs kitchen design will only be advisable if you are in the renovation profession. If you are not sure about handling all matters from electrical wiring to plumbing and such installation works, the best option will be to hire a professional contractor. This will see you ending up with a kitchen nightmare and not your dream kitchen.

An important point to remember is that although you might feel tempted to hire a contractor due to the price factor, it would not be the best option as far as kitchen design is concerned. A kitchen designer will be good, as they will assist you in taking advantage of all space in a newly built or renovated dream kitchen, as they have various ideas you may not have even considered.

Your intended goals

What exactly is it that you want to achieve in your dream kitchen? This is an important question to be evaluated whether renovating your old kitchen or building a new kitchen. If you have lofty goals to achieve, you will have to set aside a considerable sum of money to take care of all accompanying processes in your kitchen. If you are on a lean budget, you will only be able to make a few cosmetic changes for your dream kitchen.

Location, location, location

Does it spark an idea? The location of your dream kitchen is a matter of great importance. It is important to select an ideal location of your kitchen the first time, keeping in mind that you cannot move your home to another location when you wish. The typical notion “location, location, location” is not sweet to hear, but it is typical for a good reason and your dream kitchen is no exception.

 Important Things to Consider When Remodeling or Designing Your Dream Kitchen


Renovation or designing materials

The current market is flooded with many materials that can be used for renovation and designing of a dream kitchen. Depending on your proposed kitchen and a good contractor and kitchen designer in hand, you will be able to choose from several materials in terms of colors, density etc. Whichever materials you choose, you will want to keep to your budget. Be sure to get feasible materials within your dream kitchen budget.

fairfax kitchen remodel Important Things to Consider When Remodeling or Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Pick the best structural option and floor plan

The layout is the most important thing. It is very difficult and costly to alter your dream kitchen after the construction is completed. The floor plan you intend choosing for your kitchen will determine its overall outlook. The layout you decide to settle forshould be one that will perfectly match your needs and more importantly lifestyle, both currently and for the time that will be using the dream kitchen and the home.


Remember the Kitchen Triangle Theory

Have you heard about the kitchen triangle theory yet?Whether you have heard about it or not, it is a theory that is in wide use in many kitchens across the globe. The theory is quite simple and it emphasizes on having the three most important parts of dream kitchen- work places within easy reach of each other. Conventionally, the refrigerator, oven or stove andsink are the most widely used parts of any kitchen design and therefore, they should be positioned very close to each other. This should roughly be a triangle, as it will ensure that the space in your dream kitchen is used to the maximum.

Pick the best Interior design ceiling heights

If your dream kitchen contractor leaves this option to you, you will want to settle for the ‘open space’ concept, as this will provide you with adequate space. Conventionally, this will be nine feet or may be more and the larger the space, the more storage space you will have in your kitchen. This will be a welcome idea because your family will certainly grow, and when hosting a family function and need to get more food supplies in your dream kitchen.


Select the best paint for your kitchen

  after kitchen Important Things to Consider When Remodeling or Designing Your Dream Kitchen

What colors do you intend to be dominant in your dream kitchen? Here, if you choose to use the DIY method for your renovation or design, you will have a wide array of colors to choose from. If you choose to work with a kitchen designer, you will certainly get sound advice on the best colors to be incorporated. Whichever way, you will want to be sure that the color you have settled for match the overall theme of your dream kitchen, in terms of the kitchen appliances, the floor plan etc.


Incorporate the best kitchen cabinets

Even with dream kitchen cabinets being replaceable “after-the –fact”, the process is not as quick as it may seem. You should remember that the cabinets you choose to bring into your kitchen are some of the most costly upgrades. Ensure that you pick the best cabinets to match the other appliances in your dream kitchen and more importantly, you must remember to remain within your budget.

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